wafer line productivity solutions

About Us


About us

ONEBOLT was founded by 3 very experienced wafer machine engineers, and

committed to providing the best services to the wafer manufacturers. 


Our value

The main business of the company is to provide productivity solutions, services and new machines to the wafer manufacturers. 

Our value is helping the customer to:

- Increase the production efficiency and reduce the raw material waste of the wafer line. 

- Utilize the maintenance planning and budgeting, reduce the down time due to the planned maintenance job and un-planned machine break down.

- Upgrade the wafer production lines to the state of art mechanically and electrically. 


Our target

Significantly improve the wafer product quality

Significantly improve the production efficiency and reduce the waste

Improve the maintenance planning and reduce the machine downtime 

Optimize the budget for machine upgrade and maintenance

Optimize the budget for new wafer projects

Constantly improve the process of the wafer production line