Our services


Yearly basic adjustment

o Equalization 

o Adjustment of the locking and opening station

o Thickness adjustment

o Adjustment of the vent strip and sealing strip

o Heating adjustment

o Fine tuning of the batter depositor


Mechanical overhaul

o An overhaul is recommended for a proper maintained wafer line for every 8 years.

o Firstly, let’s do an inspection of your wafer line to see the baking plates conditions and the mechanic conditions.

o If an overhaul is needed, we will work out a most optimized solution for you. For instance, if the running wheels are not worn out, we can re-use them after cleaning and re-greasing.


Baking plates grinding

o After years of running, the edges of the baking plate are gradually worn out. 

o The worn-out edges will create the fins on the wafer and make bigger bubble waste.

o To solve this problem, we can grind the baking plate. Around 0.5mm of the material will be removed from the baking plate edge.


Control system upgrades

o PLC & Touch screen

o Heating system

o Batter pump system


Mechanical modifications

o Modification of the baking plates bearings like running wheels to the on-line greasable version

o Modification of the main drive

o Modification the ventilation strips to the baking ledges


• Long term service contract with performance guarantee

o Our experienced engineer stays 250 working days a year in your factory 

o Daily maintenance job, adjustments, trouble shootings

o Training to the production people and maintenance people

o Products improvement together with the R&D department

o Consultation of machine upgrade, overhaul, spare parts storage 

o Consultation of new wafer projects


o Significantly improve the wafer product quality

o Significantly improve the production efficiency and reduce the bubble waste

o Improve the maintenance planning and reduce the machine downtime 

o Optimize the budget for machine upgrade and maintenance

o Optimize the budget for new wafer projects