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Kendy Automation and Packaging machines

About Kendy


Kendy is located in Foshan, China. And has more than 10 year experience in making the automation system and packaging machines for the biscuit and wafer production lines.

Robot Arm System


Vision guide system, widely appllied for the automatic packaging and automatic traying system, maximum speed 90 actions/min

Automatic Tray Loading System


The automatic tray loading system can help the biscuit manufactuers to save big number of the operators. Iit is the KENDY'S signature system.

KFW300 Packaging machine


3 Servo packaging machine with 4mm stainless steel frame work. The maximum speed is 350 pack/min

Automatic Wafer Stick/Egg Roll Packaging System


The rotating disc is feeding the wafer stick automatically to the packaging machine. And there is a tray loading device to feed the trays synchronousely 

Automatic Box Sealing Machine


Machine adjustable to adapt different size of the boxes. Maximum speed 55 boxes per minute.

Golden eagle

Expert of chocolate machines


Golden eagle is the expert in making chocolate machines. They are supplying wide range of chocolate machines with reasonable price and good quality.

QYJ series chocolate conche


Chocolate conche is used in grinding the chocolate mass, it is the main equipment in the chocolate production line

QMJ series ball mill


The chocolate ball mill is special machine for fine milling chocolate mass and its admixture.

Q11 automatic chocolate moulding line


The moulding line is for chocolate deposit forming. The whole process is fully automatic including depositing, mould plate vibrating, cooling, demoulding, conveying and plate heating.

SJP series chocolate enrobing line


The enrobing line is to coat chocolate on various food such as biscuit, wafer, egg rolls and snacks etc. Cooling tunnel is included

Nougat production line


snicker, nougat, cereal bar production line

Aeros Aeration Systems

Expert of the aeration system


Aeros is the main supplier for the continuos aeration system.

Continous aeration system


The continous aeration system is widely used in bakery industry and confectionary industry, the capacity is upto 2000kg/hour

Mini aerator and lab machine


Test your product in the lab with the industrial designed system

Cooking system


Cooking system/ Cooling system/ Gelatine system

Water chiller


Water chiller



Screw pumps, lobe pumps CIP pumps